Reeling from Jade’s revelation, Kate sees Mark and slaps him. He tries to explain, but she’s not interested. As Jade moves her things out, she asks Kate if there’s anything she can do to make it better, but Kate says no. Kyle has no luck either when he tries to help Kate understand that Jade just doesn’t get the whole ‘friends’ thing, telling him that isn’t an excuse.

When Jade finds out that Kyle went to see Kate to help Jade out she realises that he is a really good guy. They go off for lunch and Kate’s hurt and she sees them laughing and joking together.

Later, Kate tells Jade she wants to stay friends because she shouldn’t have to lose out, but when Kate tells Jade it has to be on Kate’s terms, Jade tells her she’s not interested. Kate realises it was wrong of her to ask that of Jade, and the two decide to move on. However, realising she has feelings for Kyle, Jade’s disappointed when he asks her to help him ask Kate out.

Libby and Lucas continue to wind Karl and Susan up with their pretend romance. Susan can’t help but pry and manages to get Libby to admit that they’re not really together, they’re just winding Karl up. Later in Charlie’s, Karl catches on to the game and turns it round on Libby.