Unable to soothe Sophie’s anger at Harry, Kate can’t hide her disappointment that their family is falling apart on the eve of her Ministry of Dance try-out.

Kate heads to the Ministry of Dance knowing that if she’s successful, it may help to keep their family together. Once there, however, she becomes aware of how much her mother wanted this for her and Kate’s dancing suffers. Alone in the dressing room, Kate’s about to throw in the towel when the ghost of her mother appears and reassures her she can do this. She couldn’t be prouder of Kate or the job she’s done trying to raise her family.

Elsewhere, when Steph reveals to Lyn they’re responsible for food poisoning the Deb, Lyn feels terrible and is desperate to make it up to everyone. Steph insists Lyn should come clean but Lyn says it will ruin her if she does and tells Steph to stay quiet. Lou, however, realises what’s going on and blackmails Lyn so he’ll keep it quiet. Her conscience pricked, Steph pushes Lyn to be honest, assuring her she’ll support her no matter what happens. Reassured, Lyn calls off her deal with Lou and contacts the Health Department. Will she be able to weather the storm?

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