Following Mark’s departure, Kate suffers from nightmares, where Mark is leaving and she’s calling out to him to wait. When Sophie comes in, Kate loses her temper, telling her she’s fine and to get back to bed. Again, at Harold’s, when Kate overhears Sophie and Callum talking about Mark, she snaps. Lou notices that Kate’s making mistakes at work and he tells her to go home and get some rest.

Following the fall-out from the photos, Tash begs her dad not to make her go to school but he makes her go. Luckily for Tash, her real friends, Summer, Andrew and Chris, all support her. However, things get worse when Ivan turns up at school, demanding Tash tells her dad the truth. Michael sees and when he tells Ivan to leave, Ivan tells him to ask his daughter who really took the photos.

Michael is devastated when he realises it was Tash and despite begging her dad not to go to the police, he tells her it’s happening. However, at the police station, Michael gets nowhere, Tash took the photos and sent them to Ivan and therefore, they are powerless to do anything.

At school, Callum decides to play a practical joke on Sonya, but when it backfires, Callum ups his game.

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