Despite having bought tickets to Sydney as a back-up plan, Kate is desperate not to have to go on the run. Instead, Kate throws herself into preparing for her family’s DHS meeting. Later, Lyn is quizzed by Roz over Harry’s troublemaking past. When Lyn confirms Harry’s past bad behaviour Kate overhears and demands to know what’s going to happen to them.

Roz reveals that, although it isn’t entirely her decision, she plans to recommend that Harry is to be taken into foster care. Convinced her family is going to be split up, and feeling hopeless, Kate decides that they have to go on the run.

Libby agrees to move from Ramsay Street and start a new life with Dan away from her family. However, when Susan queries whether this is what Libby really wants, it is clear that she is sacrificing her own needs for Dan’s. Desperate to keep her daughter and grandchildren on the street, Susan pushes Toadie to speak to Dan. However, it only manages to infuriate him further as he realises Susan is still trying to meddle in his life.