Sophie and Kate continue to clash, with Kate constantly biting Sophie’s head off. Lou intervenes and convinces Kate to let him pay for Sophie’s music camp, pointing out she’ll get some much needed peace and quiet. Kate’s horrified when she opens a letter and finds a picture of a rose drawn by Noah. When he texts her later, Kate calls him, knowing she has to try and explain what happened. He assures her he understands, believing it’s just because she’s his teacher, pointing out that she won’t be in two weeks’ time. Realising he doesn’t get it, Kate tells him it can never happen again.

Summer struggles to work on her art project, and is thrilled when Susan offers her help. Showing her the footage she’s collected so far, Summer’s disappointed, saying she hasn’t got anything decent. Later, as they watch the tape from the time-lapse camera, they leave the table, narrowly missing the footage of Kate kissing Noah.

Sick of hearing Rhys banging on about, head of surgery Martin, Karl calls him up, asking for a game of golf, but is disappointed when he’s too busy. Mal steps in, and when they arrives, Martin’s there with Rhys. Karl’s less than pleased when Martin suggests they play as a foursome.