Kate worries about Noah

Following Andrew’s announcement about Noah’s crush on Kate, she tells him she has to stop tutoring him, assuring him she’ll find him a new one. He denies that the song was written about her, but she says it’s for the best. Later, Noah goes to Kate to show her the song he’d written and lies, saying he wrote it about Summer, not her. Believing him, Kate agrees to carrying on tutoring him. When Kate lets slip to Sophie that Noah has a crush on someone in his class, she’s devastated.

With the development going ahead, Kyle finds himself at Paul’s, talking about how it’ll affect his business, and how they can prevent it. When Kyle makes a throw-away comment about the development disturbing some endangered animals, Paul’s face lights up – is Kyle onto something? Paul arranges for some conservationists to scour the area for any endangered plants or animals that could prevent the development going ahead.

Summer goes to see Michael, explaining that Tash has been talking to her about her mum. Michael explains that it’s a family matter and none of her business, before telling her to get out of his office. As he leaves school Michael sees a newspaper cutting about Tash’s mum on the notice board. Furious, he goes straight round to see Summer.