Kate’s called in for questioning

Kate’s back from her trip, and Donna is pleased to see her friend, although she knows there’s a lot she has to tell Kate. Donna gets the impression that all is not rosy between Kate and Mark, but Kate plays it down. At Harold’s Kate and Mark share an awkward hello, and when he reminds her they need to talk, he asks if she’ll come to the station with him now.

He plays her the tape of her interview, and asks her if she was lying because she was doing the thing she always does when she lies – playing with her locket. Kate hits the roof and tells him she was just nervous. He assures her he’s just doing his job but Kate isn’t interested. Later, Mark tells Kate he can’t work on the case and their relationship – which one will he choose?

Much to Summer’s horror, she and Lyn are staying with Tash while their house is sorted out. Lyn looks panicked when Sonya tells her Toadie is going to help her with her insurance claim.

Despite knowing that Andrew was already in the house with Summer when the fire started, Tash quizzes him on what happened. At the same time, Lyn questions Summer and says she knows Andrew was in her bedroom with her when the fire started.

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