Kate’s dance job isn’t what is seems

Kate is getting fed up with the lack of dance work she’s had lately, when a chance meeting with Candace leads to a dance opportunity. Candace refuses to tell her where it is but when she takes a call with the details, Kate peers over her shoulder to read what she is writing down.

The dance organiser catches Kate as she’s about to leave and offers her more work later that evening. She explains that it’s a private function with clients she wants impressing. Kate is hesitant as she has a busy day tomorrow but the lure of double pay swings it and she agrees. The organiser gives Kate the details and adds that Declan won’t be allowed to go with her.

Kate returns for the private gig happy to be given this opportunity but her face falls when the curtain is pulled back and she realises that it’s a provocative routine for a gentleman’s club she has to do.

Feeling tainted by Paul’s manipulation of the school catering contract, Rebecca throws herself into raising money for the Million Paws Walk, in a bid to turn her karma around. She rounds up the neighbourhood and their dogs, but it quickly turns into a competition with the Kennedys when she announces she’s walking Cat. The walk is a success, but not all the animals return home safely.

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