With the Scully’s leaving, Kyle is looking for a housemate to rent Lyn’s house with, but isn’t having much luck. When he asks Mark, he flatly refuses, but when he sees Kate and Kyle talking, he realises the house is next door to Kate and rethinks, telling Kyle he wants to move in.

When Jade finds out, she overreacts and Kyle winds her up about fancying Mark, leading her to admit they spent the night together. Kyle’s not happy when he finds out and tries to put Mark off of moving in, but Mark talks him back round.

Kate’s round at the Scully’s while Kyle’s unpacking. When Summer comes home, Kate can see she’s upset and follows her into her room to check on her. Needing to explain things to Kyle, Jade rushes round, and not noticing Kyle trying to shut her up, blurts out about her night with Mark, just as Kate walks back in the room. Kate is devastated.

It’s the day of filming on Summer’s Zombie movie and the atmosphere is tense between Summer and Andrew. Even Tash tells Andrew he should be with Summer and needs to stop her leaving, but he remains defiant. When Andrew’s acting lacks feeling and emotion, Summer tells him that’s exactly what she’d expect for him and walks away from filming, upset.