Kate’s killer could be connected to Paul

Matt interviews Paul about his connection to Victor Cleary. Matt already knows from police records that Gus Cleary, Victor’s brother, was killed in 2004 and that, in 2007, Paul came forward and claimed he was responsible. But Paul refuses to believe that Victor Cleary would kill Kate as an act of revenge. But when Matt uncovers the murder weapon and has definite proof that it belongs to Victor, Paul can no longer deny the truth. Kate is dead because of him.

Lauren admits to Paige she’s been trying to search for someone, but having been unsuccessful and emotionally drained, she’s decided to move on with her life. Believing Lauren has given up on her, Paige decides to leave town. But when Paige discovers yet another thing that she and Lauren have in common, she feels torn.

When Sheila opens up about her own frightening experience in the past, Naomi starts to consider coming clean about making up her stalker but can’t bring herself to be honest with Toadie. But when Sheila insists that Naomi report the stalker to the police, Naomi thinks things are getting out of hand.