Andrew is not happy to discover that Paul’s stepped down and Declan is now in charge at Lassiters. Meanwhile, Kate is still upset that Declan didn’t tell her about the job and asks him how he is going to cope.

Seeing that Andrew is finding it hard to accept that Paul gave Declan the job he tells Andrew that the board only agreed to Declan taking over if Paul remains unofficially involved and that in six months time, everything will be back to normal.

However, when Paul later sees Diana talking to Declan, he feels uneasy. With Rebecca telling Paul to keep away from Lassiters, he enlists Andrew to be his insider.

Karl won’t let go of his hopes of finding Dahl but, after Lou confirms there have been no more sightings, Susan convinces him to let it go. However, Karl’s obsession returns when he sees a galah in Lou’s new television commercial. He believes it’s Dahl.

Rebecca, Paul, Kate and Declan are having dinner when Paul asks Declan about his meeting with Diana. Rebecca puts an end to any work chat, so Declan reassures Paul that Diana is at Lassisters for a break.

However, Kate knows this isn’t the truth and wonders how Declan can lie to his own mother. Not liking this side to him, she tells Declan it’s over.

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