Kate’s the talk of the school!

Kate focuses on making the Green Deb a success by organising a Future Spark bike trailer to fuel the Deb with energy. When a couple of guys from school start calling her ‘special Kate’, she finds out that a clip of her being rejected by Jason Coleman surfaces on the net.

Kate is convinced it was Amanda, but Declan counsels her to rise above Amanda’s games. So she puts her all into making the Deb carbon-fuelled. However, her success pushes Amanda even further and she sabotages the trailer to stop the Green Deb going ahead!

Karl suggests a family meeting. Dan asks Libby for a compromise, he doesn’t want to take Karl and Susan up on their offer to loan some money for a house deposit. They all make peace with each other and Dan later promises Libby he’ll sort things out with Ben, but confides to Lucas that he thinks his relationship with Susan may be permanently damaged.

Harold’s store continues to take a downward dive on the back of Paul’s influence on Lyn’s suppliers. When Rebecca and Lou decide to check out how Harold’s really is going, they take a peak through the door and Lyn catches them out, and tells them they have won, she’s selling the store.

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