Jacqui’s anxious about her chat to Des’s drama group. Unaware that Kathleen is making credit card transactions over the phone in Tina’s name, Jacqui is confused when Kathleen tells her the call was from the school and the drama talk has been postponed. Theresa’s aware her mum is lying, and as a miffed Jacqui heads off shopping with Myra, she’s anxious to hear that Kathleen will stand in for Jacqui instead.

Theresa basks in her mum’s fame and the class are enthralled by Kathleen’s tales of prison life. But Des grows alarmed when she starts to glamorise shoplifting and insists she leaves. Seeking revenge on Des, Kathleen tells Theresa to steal a laptop from the IT department. Later, Des tells Jacqui and Theresa that a laptop was stolen from school. Jacqui’s quick to condemn Kathleen, however, the focus soon turns to Theresa.

Dave’s adamant the only way to get through the new term is to party. Charlotte’s reluctant to join in, but before long, they’re off to The Loft. As the drinks flow, they agree to ‘day long dares’. Realising Hayley hasn’t shown up, Josh goes to find her.

Also; Hayley has something on her mind and while the rest of the students continue to live life in the fast lane.

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