Kathy and Paige have a shocking car accident

A disappointed Paige realises that the notebook she swiped from Kathy doesn’t answer any of the questions about her adoption. In the meantime, Kathy has learned from Terese about some of Paige’s dubious behaviour, which only increases Kathy’s gut feeling that something’s not quite right. Kathy goes to warn Lauren, and when Paige catches the tail-end of this, she confronts Kathy and steals her heart medication. Kathy suggests she and Paige go for a drive, where she sends Paige on a false mission while she hunts through her bag. When Kathy discovers Paige’s sketchbook, she’s shocked to realise who she is and distracted the pair have a car accident… and hit Toadie!

Lauren attacks Matt for being too judgmental of Amber, while Amber seeks solace in Daniel’s arms, spending the night with him for the first time. Toadie (prior to the accident) thinks Matt’s approach could have been more sensitive – at the end of the day, isn’t about his daughter’s happiness? After Lauren gives Amber a serve for staying out all night, Matt makes amends with his daughter and Amber is thrilled.

Also, Paul is enjoying Lucy’s company and they’re both feeling bad that she has to leave. Paul pulls some strings to get Rico out of her orbit and then convinces Lucy to stay in Erinsborough longer.