Kathy is stunned when she comes face-to-face with an old terror, as she is confronted in the café by James Willmott Brown. Struggling to understand why her rapist would visit her after all these years, Kathy demands answers. When Willmott Brown asks Kathy to put the past behind them, and explains his reasons, is it something that she will agree to… Or is he after something more sinister?

Also, Tina is plagued with guilt about Janet’s accident. When she bumps into Billy she discovers that things have got even worse for Honey and Billy – Honey has kicked Billy out for his hurtful comments about her relationship with Janet.

Determined to comfort Billy, Tina invites him over to the Vic. Devastated, Billy isn’t thinking straight and as Tina provides her support, a messed up Billy moves in for a kiss. Will Tina respond?