Kathy returns to the Beales’ when there’s still no sign of Jane at the Christmas tree lights switch on. Approached by Bobby when she enters the house, Kathy is shocked to learn Jane is hurt, finding her injured at the bottom of the stairs. Covering up what happened, Jane claims she tripped. Kathy is disturbed when she later learns from Bobby that he pushed his mum down the stairs.

Sharon heads out for drinks with the ladies, but her night out is interrupted when Ben arrives with the worrying news that he suspects Phil has bought more alcohol. After a run in with Kathy, Sharon heads home to confront Phil, who tells Sharon that Ben is wrong.

Kim is in a panic after finding the brick of cocaine. Calling Denise, Kim gets Patrick on the phone instead, who pops round to make sure she’s okay. After insisting she’s fine, Kim lets Patrick leave, then takes Vincent to task over the package, who admits he was planning to set up Phil by planting the drugs on him. Unconvinced by Vincent’s excuses, Kim is in a dilemma over what to do. A worried Claudette convinces Kim not to say anything.

Also, the residents vote on whether to stage Elaine’s glitzy Christmas show or Dot’s traditional nativity play.