Josh, Rhys and Suzanne go to the police after cleaning up the mess in Drive ‘N’ Buy. Preoccupied with who is tormenting them, the family worry that the suspect could be closer to them than they realise. Hannah is mortified when she overhears her family questioning whether she might be the one responsible and turns to Sarah for support.

Meanwhile, Carmel and Suzanne view CCTV footage of the window being smashed, but they can’t make out who the culprit is. Carmel is determined to get to the bottom of the case so steps up her investigations and discovers a vital clue…

Despite Ste insisting Michaela should pay Nige back for the lost weed, Amy still worries that she’ll be kicked out of school and starts job hunting. But when Sarah catches her looking for employment, Amy is forced to admit she might be expelled for something that isn’t her fault. Indignant Sarah takes her to the school to track down Russ, who still hasn’t decided to report Amy. Can Sarah convince Russ to keep his mouth shut?

Also, Myra and Carmel want the McQueens to be more charitable, while Mercedes meets a handsome stranger in The Dog.