Kathy is sent further over the edge

With Kathy in a state and Mike sleeping on the sofa, tensions are running high in the Barnes household. However, Kathy is sent further over the edge when a kiss-and-tell story appears in a gossip magazine.

The immigration officer arrives at Tony’s pad, putting everyone on edge. However, just when it seems that the Jacqui and Aleksander charade will continue, Jacqui drops a bombshell and, with she and Tony now having more reason than before to want privacy, no one remains convinced the marriage of convenience will last.

Sarah is hurt by the kiss-and-tell story about her family, and suspecting Michaela is the culprit, takes her frustrations out on John-Paul. Puzzled, John-Paul jumps to the conclusion that Craig has told her about their affair and almost spills the beans. Luckily, Craig steps in just in time to calm things down. However, John-Paul is determined to force Craig to choose between him and Sarah.

Bonnie is stunned when Steph announces she and Elliot are an item and blames Steph for wrecking the planned marriage between Elliot and Rhiannon. Elliot storms off as Steph and Bonnie argue and Bonnie starts to wonder whether Elliot will turn his back on his childhood sweetheart and a cathedral wedding.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday August 29*