Kathy prepares for her verdict

Kathy is nervous ahead of her trial but hopes for a good result. When she’s given a suspended sentence, she is flooded with relief. Back in the Square, Ben and Ian celebrate with their mum, opening a bottle of champagne.

Stacey visits Shabnam, finding her on a supervised visit with Jade. As soon as Fiona pops out of the room, Shabnam encourages Jade to tell the court if she doesn’t feel safe with the Carters. Disgusted that Shabnam would try to manipulate Jade to get the custody result she wants, Stacey has a go at her.

Stacey heads to the Vic to practise Linda’s wedding hairstyle. Still fuming about Shabnam, Stacey confides in Linda that Shabnam took Jade to the park without permission. Realising it could jeopardise Shabnam’s chances in court, Stacey asks Linda not to tell anyone. Mick, however, has overheard them talking and although he promises Linda he’ll keep it to himself, he’s torn over whether to tell Shirley.

Also, Vincent blackmails Ronnie into helping him bring down Phil, revealing he recorded her admitting to killing Carl White.