Willmott Brown is in the Square with the intention of visiting Kathy. Meanwhile, Fi is increasingly troubled by suspicions about her dad’s lies and manipulations. Breaking into his office, Fi searches for evidence. Wilmott Brown heads to the cafe and attempts to persuade Kathy into his way of thinking. Kathy is stunned by Willmott Brown’s words, realising how far he has orchestrated things over the last few months. Kathy decides it’s finally time she stood up to Willmott Brown, and she warns him never to come anywhere near her again. But will he listen to her?

Karen is miserable when the bailiffs turn up and take away all the presents she bought the kids for Christmas. Knowing Karen will end up in court, Bernadette encourages Karen to ask her sister Kandice for help. Karen and the family head to Kandice’s house to ask her to help them out with money to cover their debts. Will Kandice agree?

It’s just a few days until the Carters are due to leave the Vic. The ladies talk to Linda and persuade her to hold one last party for New Year’s Eve.