Katie admits her feelings for Gray

Gray is miserable when he returns from a business trip to discover that Perdy is packing the rest of her belongings. Gray and Perdy argue over a painting while Katie looks on, hurt that Gray has hardly even said hello to her. Later, Katie hosts a party for Gray and his colleagues, who think that Katie is Gray’s new woman. Katie is flattered. Katie tells a worried Chas that she’s completely fallen for Gray.

Zak confronts Sam and asks him to come back to the Dingles’ with Samson. Sam refuses and Zak is angry with his stubborn son. Sam is struggling for money and Carl finds a final demand at the cottage and tells him to get it sorted or move out. Zak and Lisa encourage Shadrach to have a word with Sam about moving and it seems he may have made some headway.

Duke is surprised when he finds his former neighbour Andrea’s son Ryan at the house. Ryan is upset and he reveals that he’s not getting on with Andrea’s new boyfriend. Duke realises that his young friend misses him being around and he later tells Terry that he may move back home to keep an eye on him.

Also, Miles asks Jasmine out.