Mick encourages Lee to swallow his pride and ask Nathan for his job back. Nathan is more than happy to give him his job back in front of Katie, but when Katie leaves the room, Nathan turns nasty and warns Lee to tow the line. Katie is taken aback when Lee is ungrateful to her for trying to help him get his job back and when Nathan later asks her out on a date she agrees.

Lisa confesses to Belle that it’s likely that Zak won’t show up for her recital, but Belle insists that her dad won’t break his promise. When they arrive at the church, Lisa is despondent when Ashley tells her he hasn’t seen Zak. Belle is upset when Zak fails to show up. She tells Lisa she wants Dingle justice and demands that Zak stands trial for breaking his promise.

Natasha asks Maisie to attend a clay pigeon shoot she is organising, but Maisie is angry when Natasha is reluctant to allow Andy to come along. Mark tells Natasha that she’s handled the situation badly so Natasha pays Andy a visit and personally invites him to the event. Andy tells a delighted Maisie, but he’s left with his own worries that Natasha is playing games.