Donna and Ross aren’t the only couple in the village trying to keep their relationship under wraps because Katie and Andy are at it too! After kissing last week, the former husband and wife have realised they still have feelings for each other and have decided to give things another go. But having initially agreed to keep the relationship to themselves, Katie and Andy decide to go public…

The villagers prepare for a memorial for Gennie by writing names of people they miss on balloons which they plan to release. After Brenda gives a speech, everyone lets go of their balloons. Meanwhile, Kerry is still wearing the clothes she’s borrowed from Brenda in a bid to win back Dan. Can she convince him that she has what it takes to be the mature and sensible woman he wants her to be? Or will her efforts go unrewarded?

As the Bartons wait for news about Finn at hospital, there’s a further shock for the family when the doctors reveal there are traces of rohypnol in Finn’s blood, which means he may have been sexually assaulted before an attempt was made to take his life. Angry, Ross vows to get revenge on his brother’s attacker. But the question is, what has Finn ever done for someone to attack him and leave him for dead?