Katie and Andy’s dreams go up in smoke!

Andy’s got the hump with Katie after her embarrassing, and failed, attempt to expose Robert’s affair so there’s a bit of a frosty atmosphere as the couple prepare for their move into a caravan on the farm that’s to be their new home. That evening, in the pub, Katie makes it up to Andy, but still persists in taunting Robert until he leaves fuming! Later, Katie and Andy return to the farm to find their caravan up in flames!

When Chrissie quizzes Lachlan about his new girlfriend she’s left feeling unnerved when he doesn’t give much away. Why is he being so secretive? Later, when he goes to look after Jacob while Alicia and David are out, Lachlan’s in their kitchen when he picks up a knife and looks at it thoughtfully. What’s he up to?

As Emma hopes Pete’s warming to her when he agrees to join her, Finn and Ross for tea, Aaron makes a confession to Paddy. Meanwhile, Laurel’s given up the booze for February, but will she be tempted to drink when Doug offers her a cheeky tipple?