Katie is heartbroken by Andy and Jo’s betrayal and Diane attempts to comfort her, but Diane puts her foot in it when she accidentally lets slip that Andy and Jo had an affair once before. Katie confronts Jo and the two girls trade insults and blows outside the vets before they’re separated. Jo and Andy are staying in the B&B, but Jo tells Andy that she thinks they should return to Butlers’ and evict Katie so they can live there instead.

Rodney refuses to be thwarted in his quest to bed Georgina and he arranges another liaison, this time at Mill Cottage while Perdy and Gray are out for the day. Rodney and Georgina get down to ‘business’ but they’re disturbed yet again when the Sinclairs return home early. Rodney is forced to confess that he borrowed the house without asking and an angry Georgina storms out.

Debbie is impressed when Eli reveals his large stash of money and she agrees to accompany him on his next scam. Eli initially agrees, but has second thoughts when he realises that Debbie is inexperienced. Debbie is determined to prove that she’s up to the job.