Katie and Megan: the best of frenemies?

Megan is all smiles around Declan, but she has a very different look on her face when she’s talking to Katie. It has quickly become clear that the two women don’t like each other, which is very awkward because Declan wants them both in his life. He wants Katie because he loves her. And he wants Megan to be his festival manager and manage the Bartons, so that they give him permission for the access road to run through their land. So Katie does a bit of digging and finds out from Jai that Declan and Megan have done business before – and it went very wrong.

Andy and Cameron’s new understanding is going wrong. It turns out Sarah’s having a party that Andy knows nothing about – until Sarah asks him if he’s coming. So Andy’s quickly back round to Debbie’s house to tell Cameron that he will stay away from Debbie, but he will not be kept away from his daughter… Who lives in the same house as Debbie. Tricky.

Life is difficult at the vicarage, too, as Ashley hasn’t taken to Sandy living with him again. There’s something very unchristian-like about Ashley’s treatment of his father.