Katie reluctantly agrees to move out of Butler’s Farm in return for renting more land from Andy to expand the livery business she’s started with Perdy. But Rosemary is determined to bring down daughter-in-law Perdy and, when she finds out Andy is illegally subletting to them, orders him to close the stables down. Katie is devastated when Andy reneges on their deal and she realises she’s lost her home and her business.

David causes more trouble when Pollard puts him in charge of Val’s Interiors. Val protests that the company is half hers but Pollard tells her she won’t see a penny from the business and David has full control. Val vows to make his life a living hell.

Debbie and Chas enlist Shadrach, Eli and Marlon as drivers for their taxi firm and are delighted when they convince them to work for only 60 per cent of the fare. Donna overhears their gloating and tells Marlon, but he dismisses her worries.

Also, Jonny talks Paul into going for a walk in the country.