*One-hour photo*

Gray visits Perdy and she agrees to drop the custody petition in return for a part in the baby’s life. Gray broaches the subject with Katie, but she point blank refuses. Perdy leaves a message telling Gray that unless he gets back to her, she’s coming to the village to find him. Gray stands up Katie for lunch and rushes to stop Perdy. Katie follows Gray to give him his briefcase, believing he has gone to see a client and is stunned to see him kissing Perdy goodbye…

Greg is stunned when Jake finally admits that he knows where Mel is and he sets out to persuade her to return home. Greg encourages Mel to let Arthur have the DNA test so they know where they stand. Ashley is delighted to hear the Dolands’ news and with things moving forward he begs Laurel to go to marriage counselling, but Laurel insists it’s too late.

Pollard has words with Val after Diane tells him about Val’s exorbitant wedding plans and he is relieved when Val insists she doesn’t want to get into debt. But Pollard realises he’s still in trouble when she suggests that they put hard cash into the wedding fund instead!

Also, Jo lies about her injury to Sam.