With Mia seemingly not minding their relationship, Declan sweeps Katie off her feet and into his bed. And they’re in a state of post-coital bliss the next day when Ella sees them. She’s not nearly as calm as Mia about their relationship; in fact, she’s devastated. But she’s speechless when Mia then tells her that she’s back with Adam. Well, almost speechless… Ella tells Mia that Adam knew all along she was having an affair – she just doesn’t say it was with him!

Amy’s plans for a heart to heart with Val are blown out of the water when Val makes a point of telling her that the new necklace Pollard has bought her will be locked away. Amy’s sensing a lack of trust which is confirmed when Val thinks Amy’s stolen from a guest. Suddenly, an abortion seems like a good idea – and Amy tells Cain he’s paying. Fine, says Cain, but he’s going with her.

Alicia has a bit of a heart to heart with David, while Jacob has a laugh at him for wearing Leyla’s wedding dress. Nikhil offers a shoulder to cry on, and David offers him some advice: grab Gennie while he can!