Katie has her first scan

Katie goes for her first baby scan with Gray and Perdy at her side. Perdy wants to know whether it’s a boy or a girl, but Gray insists that it’s Katie’s decision. Katie graciously agrees to let Perdy know, but Perdy tells her that whether boy or girl, the baby will be perfect. Later, Katie comforts Gray when he has a moment about only being a part-time dad.

Sam takes Samson to work at the farm with him and a worried Jo tells Lisa. Zak has words with Sam and insists that a farm is not a suitable place for a toddler. Sam cautiously agrees to go to Wishing Well for tea, but he soon feels railroaded and storms out of the house. Zak tells Lisa that they may have to apply for custody of Samson after all.

Terry finds it difficult to tell Duke that he’ll miss having him around as Duke packs his bags to return home. Duke heads off to say his goodbyes to his friends in the village. As Duke prepares to leave, Terry gives his dad a hug and promises to stay in touch.

Also, Carrie promises a suspicious Scarlett that she doesn’t want to move to Canada with Nick.