Katie kisses Gray!

Katie loves spending time with Gray and when he returns from a business meeting he thanks her for her support. Gray cracks open a bottle of wine and he tells Katie that she’s an important part of his life. Katie can’t resist moving in for a kiss and Gray responds, but then hurriedly pulls away. Katie feels mortified and Gray covers for his actions by blurting out that Perdy is blackmailing him to keep full custody of the baby. Katie is outraged.

Andy receives the marriage documents for him to sign, but Jo is still having doubts about the wedding. Jo sets off to visit Andy, but she is stranded when the car runs out of petrol and she realises she’s forgotten her mobile. Ross and Shane find Jo and rescue her. Back in the village Jack has a go at Jo for not turning up on to the visit.

Debbie is reluctantly forced into looking after Sarah when Jo needs a babysitter while she visits Andy. Debbie surprises herself by actually enjoying spending time with her daughter. When Jo returns, Debbie is clearly jealous of the bond between Sarah and Jo.

Also, there is still no news of Sam and Samson.