Jo decides that there’s no future for her and Andy if Katie is pregnant and she prepares to leave the village. But Andy discovers that Katie’s pregnancy was a false alarm and races after Jo’s taxi. Billy voices his concerns about Jo to Andy when he discovers that Andy stopped her from leaving and a furious Andy attacks him. Katie is horrified when she discovers their affair.

Rodney continues to try to worm his way into Georgina’s affections and his persistence pays off when Georgina finally agrees to meet him on a more ‘personal’ level. Rodney doesn’t let his homeless status get in the way of passion and he thinks quickly and arranges a liaison at Victoria Cottage. But just as he and Georgina are getting in the mood, Paul and Emily walk in and interrupt them!

Marlon suggests returning to his job at the pub, but Donna is resolute and insists that it won’t help their residential problems. Donna is annoyed when she goes to the Woolpack and realises that Marlon’s resignation hasn’t affected business and they’re managing just fine without him. Meanwhile, Marlon hurts his back while working on their eco home and despairs of things ever going right for them.