Katie makes a show of Declan!

Hell hath no fury like Katie scorned! Her revenge on Declan for his lying and cheating is swift – and she hits him where it really hurts him, in his pocket. Declan’s hosting a festival sponsorship event and is hopeful that people will dig deep and produce big cheques. He wouldn’t expect support from Charity and Jai, so he’s surprised and unnerved to see them there. Katie insisted they come and very soon he finds out why. Katie makes all of Declan’s guests feel very uncomfortable – and Declan very worried – when she makes a shocking announcement.

Bob gets a shock when he and Dan are joined for breakfast by Kerry – wearing Dan’s dressing gown. Dan’s supposed to have kicked Kerry out and now here she is, a vision of unloveliness first thing in the morning. Kerry and Dan have spent the night together (hope he was more careful than his son Sean was with Gemma…) – and Dan plans to spend another night with her. He’s a glutton for punishment.

Chas wasn’t being greedy when she wanted to buy The Woolpack; she wanted a home and business for her and Cameron. She thought he wanted it, too, but he doesn’t – and now she can’t have it.