Katie makes Gray a surprising offer

Katie feels worried for Gray when he admits that he’s uneasy about going to America to find a surrogate mum to enable him and Perdy to have a child. Katie furtively does some internet research and she stuns Chas when she tells her that she’s going to offer to be the surrogate herself. Katie ignores Chas’s concern and she meets up with Gray and tells him that she’d be happy to carry their child. Gray is thrilled with Katie’s offer and he makes plans to talk to Perdy as soon as possible.

David’s plans to spend time with Jasmine are scuppered when an invalid Pollard makes demands on his time. David eventually manages to escape the house and Pollard is surprised to find that he can walk again. Val pops round and a wily Pollard quickly hobbles back to his wheelchair to win Val’s sympathy vote.

Viv kickstarts the village rumour machine about the Sugden fire and gossips about who could have started the blaze. Meanwhile, Andy finds an upset Jo and suggests that she take Sarah away for awhile to try to get over the shock.

Also, Lily takes a shine to Doug; Viv’s book is rejected by yet another publisher.