Katie rallies to Maisie and Ryan’s cause

It’s Katie to the rescue – again! Taking time out from being Andy’s shoulder to cry on she raises Maisie’s hopes that she can free Ryan. Remember, Maisie had photographic evidence of Ryan’s innocence, but Nathan stole it. But Katie has found a similar picture which shows Ryan wearing that incriminating chain months after Mark was murdered. Yay! Maisie takes the photo home and tells Nathan she thinks he killed Mark. What?! Nathan’s stunned because, of course, he didn’t – Natasha did. He’s just been covering up the whole dirty business for her. But Maisie thinks Natasha has been protecting Nathan and tells her mum she has to choose between them…

David’s also in search of the truth, but Leyla refuses to ease his worried mind. He gives her one more chance to ‘fess up and, when she won’t, he decides they need a break and leaves for an overseas business trip.

Hazel’s another person who’s being creative – but not with the truth. Hazel tells it like it is, which is how she gets Viv to allow her to revamp her wardrobe. Viv without her signature shoulder pads and micro skirts. That couldn’t really happen – could it?

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