Katie starts to see Henshall in a new light

Henshall’s already on edge after his run-in with Andy, but he really starts to panic at work when he hears that there’s CCTV coverage of the shop where he bought the mobile phone he used to torment Katie and Gennie with anonymous calls. His colleagues are confident they’ll soon have the twisted caller’s number and Henshall realises he’s running out of places to hide so he decides now would be a good time to disappear. He tells Katie they should have a short break from Emmerdale and she agrees. But while Henshall’s packing Katie uncovers newspaper clippings about a fire… an arson attack that killed Henshall’s wife!

Rhona’s all hot under the collar because Marlon won’t stop fussing around her; carrying his baby means carrying all his worries, hopes and fears as well, apparently. Rhona decides Marlon needs a distraction – a woman. Her mate Stephanie is a woman and Rhona thinks they’re perfect for each other. But Marlon doesn’t.

Diane thought – too late – that she and Doug would be perfect together. Now he’s gone and she’s deeply depressed. For some reason, Val thinks Rodney – Diane’s ageing Romeo of an ex-husband – can cheer her up. Wrong!