Katie traps Robbie after he traps her! (VIDEO)

It’s just Katie and Robbie at Home Farm and Katie lets Robbie know she’ll be at the stables. Why does she do that? Because she wants Robbie to follow her… and he does! He’s sure Katie gave him the come-on and he tries to kiss her. But that’s not what Katie wants. She wants to wind him up – and she does. Angry and aggressive, Robbie twists Katie’s arm up her back and warns her not to play games with him. Katie’s scared, but she got what she wanted… The whole nasty side of Robbie has been captured on CCTV and Katie shows it to Declan.

Kerry shows Victoria she spent the night with Andy by parading around in one of Andy’s shirts. Victoria’s not happy, but Andy is – especially when Kerry says she’ll be his friend with benefits! As predicted, Val is furious when she finds out. Kerry’s not going anywhere – and that means Amy won’t be back soon.

Victoria wants her relationship with Alex to move on, so she tells him they should let everyone know they’re back together. That would include Moira, the woman Alex has been sleeping with when he wasn’t sleeping with Victoria.

*Second episode*

Declan has seen Robbie attack Katie and now he goes for Robbie. He packs the nasty little boy’s bags and tells him to get out. Yay! Katie’s plan has worked! Then Megan comes home and this is moment her maternal instincts kick in. After keeping Robbie at a distance for years, Megan stands up for him and tells Declan if her son goes, she goes, too. Drat! Declan can’t afford that. He needs Megan for the music festival. Without her he’ll go bankrupt. So Katie’s plan has failed. Robbie lives to fight another day… And you just know that he’ll fight dirty.

Alex fails to dig himself out of the hole he has dug with Moira and Victoria – in fact, he digs himself in deeper. He tells Adam and Andy that he and Victoria are a couple again, but lets Moira believe he’s still single. When the lads hear that they want to know what game he’s playing. Oh, it’s a very complicated game – and Alex isn’t good at it.

Kerry doesn’t seem to playing games with Andy. She even admits to him that she stole money from the B&B and he’s still not turned off!