Katie uses Adam to hurt Declan

Katie knows how to push Declan’s buttons – and Adam’s by the look of things! She seduces Adam to get to Declan – and it works. Adam and Declan have history, remember… It was Adam who bedded Ella, Declan’s ex-wife, and Mia, Declan’s step-daughter (he likes to put himself about, does Adam). Now Declan catches him having a roll in the hay (well, on the sofa) with Katie – which is exactly what Katie wanted (although Adam’s not so keen to be caught with his pants down yet again by Declan). Katie had to do it, she says, to make Declan realise they really are over.

Debbie realises she has lost everything and turns to drink. That’s not a good idea and Chas and Diane try to tell her, but she won’t listen. Angry and stubborn, Debbie starts mouthing off and Cameron saves her from herself by getting her out of The Woolpack. Then Zak steps in and takes her to his home. He can’t turn his back on his granddaughter when she clearly needs help. And when Debbie sobers up she realises just how much help she needs…

Brenda’s going to need a lot of help if she’s going to surprise Bob with a wedding because she’s been told she can’t get the licences without Bob’s signature. Damn! But Gennie is determined to make this surprise work…somehow.