Katie’s beastly beauty treatment!

*Hour-long episode*

It’s Katie’s birthday so her housemates Vanessa and Leyla give her a voucher for a beauty treatment. It’s not the most tactful of presents given that it’s from the salon run by Bernice, who is still hurting after Andy dumped her for Katie. Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan because Katie has a bad reaction to the treatment and ends up with a face like a pizza!

As Sean prepares to join the army, his friends and family gather for a farewell party, but as the drinks flow his parents Dan and Ali can’t help but get emotional at the thought of what lies ahead for their boy. Later, when they find themselves alone, the pair give each other a comforting hug which soon turns into something more!

Meanwhile, Andy asks Victoria to bake a special birthday cake which will contain the engagement ring. But when a drunken Bernice gets the munchies and sees the cake, she helps herself! So when the birthday girl arrives to celebrate her special day, she’s got a red, blotchy face and her cake has been half-gobbled by Bernice! Although things haven’t turned out as perfect as he had hoped, will Andy still propose?