Katie’s horrified to be the subject of a sex bet

The rivalry between Adam and his cousin Ross continues. This time, it’s all about girls. With Ross determined to pull Debbie, he bets Adam that he can’t Katie into bed again. Adam fancies Katie like mad and is only too happy to prove Ross wrong as he takes her back to his place. But his cousin isn’t about to let Adam have all the fun and soon sours his seduction by wading in to pay up, leaving Katie horrified to have been the subject of a bet.

Declan’s violent outburst has got the villagers up in arms, as Megan’s friends rally round to try to help her. Nicola has a pop at Declan, while Zak tries to get Megan to listen as he warns her to distance herself from her mentally unstable brother.

Dan wades in to help Kerry get one up on Val, who’s gone to town with her Christmas lights. The B&B owner’s outraged when the pair buy masses of festive decorations to better hers. And with that, the battle lines are fully drawn.