Katie’s new horse makes Steve feel like an ass!

Declan’s been horsing around again, riding roughshod over other people’s feelings…this time Steve’s. Declan has bought Katie the horse that Steve thought he was buying with her. It was going to be an investment for Steve, who knows a thing or two about horses. Declan thinks he has been very clever, but Steve’s angry – and not a man to be underestimated. Steve seems like a nice guy, who’s been charmed by scheming, self-serving Bernice, but he’s quite capable of being scheming and self-serving himself…

Thomas’s scheme to stay in Emmerdale has failed. He was doing so well in the end, too. He’d got past terrorising Chas and was happily working for her in The Woolpack. Then he got involved with Belle Dingle and no one was happy about that, except Belle. Now Jimmy’s determined to put him on a plane to Saudi – but Thomas has already gone. He’s nicked Dan’s van again, but this time he has left Belle behind.

David should have left Alicia behind, but he hasn’t. When Lee turns up in the village to see her, David tells him she’s a slapper! Bet she’s going to slap him!