Katie’s running out of time!

Declan leaves Katie a voicemail…that she won’t get because she’s deep, deep underground (and her phone’s dead). Declan just doesn’t want to give up on his wife – but the rescuers have. Why?! Because they’ve found Katie’s quad bike but not Katie. They tell Declan he should prepare for the worst. But Katie’s still alive, trying to crawl out. She can see daylight, but she’s injured and weak and slipping in and out of consciousness.

Can anyone save her? Well, surprisingly, it’s Katie’s arch enemy Megan who’s rallying the villagers so they can launch their own search. Does Megan want to dig up Katie just so she can kill her? Or is she doing this for Declan? Whatever Megan’s motive, she motivates the villagers and Katie hears them searching for her. But can they hear her cries for help?

Kerry’s not listening to Amy when she says she doesn’t want to send her son, Kyle, a birthday card. So Kerry writes one for her (then drops it in the pub). Kerry thinks talking about Kyle will bring her closer to Amy – but she’s very wrong.

Edna thinks she’s found a way to raise money for Tootsie’s vet bills: she can sell her father’s war medals. It’s that or get a credit card…