Kat’s back in the nick of time for Jean!

Jean is determined to carry on as normal, but after Roxy shuns her and Billy sacks her she feels that she’s being judged. Jean tells Michael the truth will out, but he coolly fobs her off. Roxy calls Alfie when Jean has another confrontation with Michael. Roxy is relieved when Alfie arrives – with Kat in tow! Kat finds Jean cowering in the empty bath and comforts her.

Tamwar doesn’t want to lose his marriage and suggests to Afia they go travelling. Afia is thrilled, but her excitement is short-lived when it’s clear he wants to return to the Square after their travels. Afia tells Tamwar that they want different things out of life. She turns her back on her marriage and after an emotional goodbye to Tamwar, leaves the Square.

Derek realises that Lucy is struggling to keep Ian’s businesses going. He turns up with some unasked-for stock and Lucy feels pushed into taking it. Alice is impressed that her dad has tried to help Lucy out. Lucy realises that Derek wasn’t doing it out of the kindness of his heart when he later returns and helps himself to the till.