Mo meets a heavily disguised Kat in a cafe. Kat tells Mo that she’s on the run from some blokes who she and Alfie scammed money from. Mo asks where Alfie is and is shocked when Kat says he’s dead. Mo brings Kat back to Albert Square. Jean unwittingly lets in the two guys, Lee and Jono, who are after Kat and she needs to make a run for it.

Minty muddles his words when he tries to tell Heather he loves Sam. Heather thinks he’s telling her he loves her! Meanwhile, Sam is still in the Square and Ronnie warns her to take the money and leave. Sam talks Minty into going to Ibiza with her and arranges to leave during George’s christening. At the christening Heather beams as Shirley takes photographs of Minty with her and the baby. Minty faces a terrible dilemma.

Jodie tells Darren that she doesn’t miss her mum as she’s angry at the way Vanessa treated her dad. When Vanessa turns up Jodie softens. At George’s christening Darren worries that Vanessa doesn’t think he’s good enough for her daughter. Max tells Darren it’s about time he sealed the deal with Jodie by plying her with drinks and a few practised lines!

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