Kat’s convinced Nate is innocent!

Nate is taken to the police station after Billie’s accusations, while a solemn Billie refuses to tell anyone what has happened. Ash storms off to the police station, where him and Nate nearly come to blows. Chris heads off to the station to give his statement. As he leaves, Nate’s cop girlfriend Kat tries to convince him of Nate’s innocence, but is caught by Sgt. Emerson, who tells her stay away from the case.

Later, Ash fills everyone in on Billie’s attack but Ricky jumps to Nate’s defence. Kat and Nate believe that Billie made up the whole incident as Ricky leaves baby Casey with Pheobe to support Nate.

Billie puts on the waterworks for the police. Yet the interview comes to a halt by Kat and Ash’s arguing, which results in Kat being told to pack her belongings from her desk.

As the case progresses, the police find inappropriate texts on Billie’s phone from Nate, and he’s arrested for attempted sexual assault.