Kat’s lover drops the L-bomb!

Kat learns there’s been a fight at the Vic footie team’s latest match and worries her affair has been outed. The fight was actually down to Derek picking an argument with the opposing team. A brawl breaks out when Alfie reveals Ray has got them kicked out of the league for playing for two teams. Kat takes her lover to the Vic kitchen to bandage a cut hand. Kat later finds ‘I love you’ written on the bandage in lipstick…

Ian encourages Tanya and Sharon to spend time together with Oscar and Denny. As the kids play on the games console, Tanya and Sharon get competitive and it’s not long before they’ve taken over the game. Soon a row erupts and the ladies start flinging insults. As Max intervenes Sharon tells Tanya she and her son want nothing to do with the Brannings!

Ian asks Bobby to help him out on the stall so that he can spend some time with him. Lucy is hurt to see them bonding and worried that Ian is setting Bobby up for a fall. When Ian wants to pick Bobby up from school from now on, Lucy refuses.

Also, Aliyah reveals that AJ lied about her having an affair.