Kat’s upset to lose Shenice

Kat is seemingly not bothered about Martina taking Shenice away. Alfie wonders if Shenice was happy about going. Alfie talks Kat into making a birthday wish for Shenice as she didn’t get the chance at her party. Shenice sends Kat a text to say thank you for her party and that she misses them. It finally hits Kat that Shenice has gone and she breaks down in tears.

Phil finds Shirley and tells her he loves her. Shirley accuses Phil of only wanting her to be a mum to his kids. Phil presents Shirley with her fur and seductively tells her to put it on. Shirley is won round and they kiss.

Shirley and Phil race to the register office for the wedding but Shirley can’t go through with it. Shirley tells Phil she wants to be with him but she doesn’t want to be a Mitchell. The couple kiss and head off on their honeymoon.

Ian and Jane turn up at the register office and Ian realises that Jane is not herself with him. He asks the registrar if they can renew their wedding vows now and Jane is angry when Ian tells her what he’s done. Jane realises that she hasn’t been mad about his affair because she doesn’t love him and she tells him she’s leaving him.

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