Katy agrees to help Warren

Shocked by Warren’s bruised appearance following his prison beating, Katy agrees to help him win his court case but maintains that her future is with Justin. Meanwhile, Justin finds it difficult to believe that Katy still wants to support Warren and worries what the future holds for them if Warren is released.

After passing out, Hannah is scared she’s pushing the diet too far, but Melissa reassures her that it’s just her body adapting. Hannah ignores Sarah’s pleas to get help, and not knowing what else to do, Sarah tells Suzanne she suspects Hannah may be on drugs, leaving Hannah furious when she finds out.

A letter from Mandy starts Tony thinking about Grace and his future unborn baby and he’s forced to reassure Jacqui that he longer needs them as he’s got her now. But Tony’s plan to keep Jacqui’s pregnancy a secret goes up in smoke when Suzanne accidentally learns that Jacqui is expecting. Forced to tell Myra, they are relieved when she is delighted by the news.

Also, Elliot returns to Hollyoaks, announcing he broke off his engagement to Rhiannon, and Jessica and Zak congratulate him on being a free man again.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday September 5*