Desperate to hide her feelings for Ryan, Katy can’t deny her jealousy when he sets up another date with Steph and she soon finds herself delving into Ryan’s dodgy past in an attempt to put her friend off. When Steph arrives for her date with Ryan, Katy plays the concerned friend and warns her about his dodgy past. His date scuppered, Ryan confronts Katy, accusing her of being jealous. Katy tries to deny it, but Ryan silences her with a kiss.

Jason moves into the Rovers, but is gutted when he loses the council job, due to having no van. Having already had strong suspicions regarding the whereabouts of his van, Jason struggles to hold his tongue towards Karl when he taunts Jason about his run of bad luck. However, when he moves into the Rovers with Stella he finally feels able to enact some revenge on his girlfriend’s ex.

Having kicked the deceitful Karl to the curb, Sunita thanks Dev for the necklace the twins gave her for Mothers’ Day. Feeling unworthy of his kindness she confesses to Sophie she was a fool for losing Dev.

Also, Sally starts to lose patience with Gail for impinging on her household routines.