Katy asks Justin for a favour

Anxious about Warren’s upcoming trial, Katy asks Justin to visit him in prison. Justin is reluctant to be near Warren after everything that’s happened and tries to get out of it. But Katy’s on a serious mission to save Warren from being sent down, and pleads with Clare to retract her statement. After visiting Warren in prison, Katy is devastated and asks a reluctant Justin to be a character witness at the trial.

Married life isn’t exactly going as planned at the overcrowded McQueens house, as Tina and Mercedes argue over lack of space. Tensions mount as Tina says it’s unfair that she and Dom have to share a room with Carmel and Michaela, while Mercedes and Russ have a room to themselves. But when Mercedes insists she has no intention of moving, Tina reminds her sister that her marriage to Russ is based on lies.

Nancy is feeling guilty about keeping her relationship with Jake a secret from her mum. But their secret is blown when Mrs Hayton walks in on them in bed together. Mortified Nancy tries to explain but her mum refuses to listen, and tells her daughter she’s leaving.